Stress is Beautiful!

Radwa Moussa-Youssef

We always joked with our kids that when we signed up to be parents and had them, God gave us super powers! Super powers that help us make save the world every day…their day. What they don’t know is that these super powers are technically speaking being tested daily, in different shapes and forms!

The morning daily hustle is no stranger for any home with kids, the struggle to get up on time, get everything ready, get to school…all this during a time crunch and preferably associated with a stress free zone! Ha!

I woke up today with a chronic back pain that I am pretty sure my chiropractor will hate me for waiting too long to address it! I attended to my youngest baby changing her diaper, multitasking and fixing my other daughter’s hair to look pretty for spring pictures, going through my work and personal to do list…

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