It’s Ramadan :) – 2021 version-

We meet again! And eventhough Coronavirus is not over, but people are now officially over not getting together:) Last Ramadan we were in full quarantine mode, no gatherings, 6 feet apart, no sharing food…. ugh! Alhamdulilah we survived it! This year we are blessed to see mosques opening up and families able to safely get together.

As promised, I am posting about my 30 day Ramadan plan at home with the kids, this Ramadan post signifies exactly what last year taught us, simplifying things while finding joy. Having a teenager, a tween and a pre-schooler made me realize how much us moms guilt ourselves into wanting to do more, or be there more for our kids and constantly create and change things, while sometimes the systems and pland we have in place are more than enough! After spending a lot of one on one time with the kids last year, I realized that I need to be kinder to myself, focus on spending more quality time then searching for activities to do or constantly filling their time. Take it easier and practice what I preach, which is choosing joy.

I used last year’s plan exactly and loving it! Printed out the spreadsheets, stuffed the goodie bags and dedicating a few minutes every day to spend time with the kids and reflect on these act of kindness.

I changed things a bit for my youngest Aya and now that she knows the difference between good deed and bad deeds ( or so I hope:) ) I decided that her goodie bags will include acts of kindness and no daily gifts, in an attempt to make her feel involved in her Deen and not just rewarded for everything ( I was the never the certificate of participation kind of mom anyway! ) The gifts would be small trinkets I would randomly have her choose from our treasure box in addition to every Friday’s gift in our simple treasure hunt testing her Quran and Deen knowledge. Check out last year’s Ramadan plan here , and this year’s plan here 👇🏼

Fun fact: mommies groups on what’s app are not that annoying after all LOL. I received a few amazing PDF’s that have been circulating and thought of grouping them and sharing them with you.

Disclaimer: These are not sponsored or sold, rather distributed for free. I received them and hence sharing but not benefiting financially from them

I personally printed a couple and using them! Love them and I hope you love them too!

Finally, I wanna share with you the highlight of my Ramadan decorations this year. You guys!!!!! – Egyptians especially rejoice lol- I re-created the traditional fool cart !!!!

Use the cursor and see the before and after:)))) SUPER COOL

Another favorite corner of mine is our (Ramadan Corner) – where we have suhoor every night and pray Fajr together. We used to call it Aya’s corner because it had nothing but Aya’s junk all year long lol! It is a small deserted area in between the bedrooms which we deeply clean, re-organize and decorate before Ramadan.

I pray you find this post beneficial and that you are able to use it and implement your own style and take it to the next level with yourself and your kids. And if you do, please remember me and my family in your dual:)

Ramadan Kareem beautiful peeps:)

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