Be Strong… Be a Malak!

Here she is… the champ behind it all!
The reason for many beautiful things without her knowing. You see… when her brother (our son) got cancer she was little! 4.5 years young to be exact… too young to deal with such trauma! Yet she figured her role from day one on her own. I can’t even put in words the endless nights we spent up thinking of her childhood and identity amidst a horrific test like the one we are in. We wanted to make her feel included, yet keep her safe...share with her information, but enough for her young age without scaring her. We were so scared for her brother and drained in his care, yet terrified to forget her identity and not give her the attention and love she deserves.

She is an integral part of our cancer journey and we tell her that every day! Not just that she discovered her role from day one and made sure she takes care of us all, make us laugh and help around the house when needed, but she also figured ways to be responsible and sustained a survival system on her own while teaching us how to keep ourselves in check and not get too consumed in life.

And while she waited for her brother every single time he goes to the hospital with a hand made colored sign saying: welcome home Zein…. we made sure she spoke her heart and wrote her feelings as she found herself growing from one phase to the other and her brother dealing with one cancer after the other. She addressed her feelings in no way any 9 years old can and showed the world how one can balance childhood and maturity all at once.

She is the behind the scene soldier whose mere existence alone bring happiness and balance to our life. I can keep on writing but no words will ever be enough:)

So today and in honor of my daughter Malak… I give a shout out to every Cancer Sibling or sibling of any chronic disease… who stand strong and still smile. Who gives love without expecting anything in return, who get affected just as much… yet deal and rise with the occasion. May your smile always shines from your heart, may you never forget your own dreams, may you embrace the lessons you learnt too soon in life and turn it into something amazing.

We love you! We respect you! And we think of you. You are not forgotten and your feelings do matter. When cancer hits… it affects the whole family. Don’t give up… don’t allow it to break you… rise… speak your heart…address your feelings… be strong… be a Malak:)

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