The truth behind a picture!

You probably see a happy family full of smiles in this picture, but one picture can say a thousand words!

Yesterday I had a powerful conversation with my partner in crime (aka husband) that resonated with me for many reasons, we talked about the fight! The fight against childhood cancer and our responsibility towards it.

You see our pictures, you see our videos, you guess our pain but we became pros in not showing it, not just that but pushing through, smiling and moving on. This picture right here, the one full of smiles took 4 years in the making. Took a young boy to fight stage 4 cancer twice!!! A protective father to stay strong and be there for every one in his family not just his sick kid and help them stay united, help them stay strong when they want to fall apart, it took a young sister who dealt with so much trauma at such a young age and was taught how to express her emotions and deal with them, took a very scared mother to go through a rollercoaster of emotions yet smile and laugh when she just wants to hide and cry. You see… pictures can be deceiving, and the strength exemplified is beyond one person’a effort or work. I joke with my husband all the time that I am the chatty one on social media and he is the silent soldier behind the scenes, but it takes two to tango! And it takes a whole village to fight a beast like childhood cancer.

After a week of scans that never gets easier and thankfully the results that we wanted to hear (thanks to God and all your prayers)
I sit down to reflect on our story and how it was blessed to bring hope to others. Not a moment pass by that we don’t fear for our happiness to be stolen away again with a vicious and sneaky enemy called cancer, or get flashbacks on the dark scary days we lived at the hospital…yet that being said we never allow it to define us, to take away our current happiness or make us forget where we were and where we are today.

My message today is for all of you out there, those who are battling a disease or know someone who is, those who are grateful for their health and want to help. Embrace the unity, stand together, support one another, reach out …no one can do it alone! See beyond the smiles and face your fears. Take in every moment, love it, appreciate it and enjoy it to the max. Hug your kids a little tighter today, appreciate your spouse, your partner, and your family members.
Live with a purpose and make a difference.

We decided to open up our lives and share our story asking for prayers, for emotional support and took an oath to never stop fighting for our son and all other kids who are fighting for their lives. Please wish us luck in our mission.

Now we if we disappear a little bit online, please excuse us…it will be because we are enjoying the normalcy of life, we will keep you posted and make sure we stay in touch:)

It doesn’t get easier…. we just get stronger!


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