10 ways to make a Cancer family happy!

10 ways on how to make a cancer family happy.

Often do you hear someone got cancer! It is increasing lately… Like the flu! And ughhh that feeling when you hear the patient is a kid! You instantly feel sad, scared, thankful and helpless! (Do I sound close?)

You are sad it is a kid like yours, how could children get it? What did they eat, drink breathed to cause it? Sickness is for grown ups not for kids! (Do I sound closer now?) but in the same time you are scared what if it is my kid?… Oh no! We never had cancer in our family plus I take fantastic care of my kids… Cancer doesn’t have a place in our life!

You then become very thankful to your blessings, get an instant fresh reminder of what you should do and start making a list of who to call, places to visit and things to do with your kids… Life after all is too short! And then finally phase three of  hearing the news hits… you feel helpless towards the family who just got diagnosed with cancer! You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to help or what to do!! Because let’s be real… What can really be done to help with such a drastic and tragic calamity like Cancer? (here…!!! I think I nailed it!)

When cancer hits… The whole family is affected! Days are turned upside down and the word “normal” becomes very hard to define… However there is a fine line between taking it 15 minutes at a time because cancer doesn’t allow you to plan any further and waiting 15 minutes for cancer to be in control! Cancer needs to be fought both physically and mentally just like any other challenge in the world. It sounds like an easier said than done task, but losing to cancer is NOT an option! I personally know families who unfortunately lost their kids to cancer and especially them know the warrior spirit that has to be maintained through out the fight! Even if we lose an angel I choose to never use the word cancer won! Because cancer got nothing on their spirits! As in NOTHING!!!!!

How to help a cancer family? Here you are a few ways:

1. Reach out to them regularly and offer help with anything, even if they have things under control it gives a sense of comfort there is a support group to lean on when needed.

2. Talk about your life and distract them a bit, yet don’t make your kids fever or broken toe sound like a big deal lol… Let’s be real … You will get “the look”! Like really? Broken toe ? Lol. That said they NEED to hear normal stories, they NEED to remember there is life other than cancer!

3. Respect their space but don’t let them feel lonely! Being alone with cancer is the worst feeling ever!

4. Talk to your community and show them support. Banners, group pictures, small videos … All these things might sound small but they have HUGE impact!

5. If the family is struggling financially, offer to help them! Make it discreet and tell them you care.

6. Don’t forget the siblings. They are often left out and the parents are the ones always left worrying about creating a balance. Buy small toys, tell them they are doing great! That you are proud of how strong of siblings they are! Acknowledge their feelings, they are seriously hurting too!

7. Hold their hands, hug them… Tell them it’s gonna be ok! Even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment! They need to hear assurance every day that they can get through this! It helps them push through

8. Don’t get tired! Yes you reached out a few times and maybe they didn’t get back to you, but time is never on their side and their journey can get boring and long. Nothing worse than friends giving up or getting lazy on them!

9. Research with them, share tips on how to handle treatments, they can be too busy involved in treatment that unfortunately they have no energy to learn about alternative therapies, good nutrition and ways to support the body after all the toxicity it’s been through!

10. Last but NEVER least…. Pray!!!! Then pray and pray again! We are born and created differently for a reason! No matter where you pray or how you pray… There is a God who listens! And there are moments where cancer families need (mighty) power to lift them up!

Cancer is a beast! And NO ONE should fight it alone!

From a cancer mom who fought cancer twice in the past four years with my son, my hero… My heart goes out to every new diagnosis every day!! Every mom who gets her heart broken and every dad who strives to maintain his sanity to continue protecting his family! If we can’t stop the 46 new families who WILL BE diagnosed today with cancer then at least we can spread awareness on how to help them. One day we were them…freshly diagnosed, shocked and feeling completely lost!

#choosejoy #Hope 

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